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Paper. It’s not going away. You have forms, documents, records and much more. Make your paper more productive with Alaris Capture Pro software. Securely and reliably capture and share information across your business. Alaris Capture Pro software quickly converts batches of paper into high-quality images - the foundation for accurate, streamlined data and decision making.

Capture Images in High Quality

Get crisp, clear images, no matter how challenging your originals may be. Perfect Page technology optimizes image quality with 30+ enhancements automatically - with every scan. Dual stream scanning captures two images at rated speed, giving you an OCR/OMR optimized black and white image and a archive-ready color image, in one scan.

Extract and Index with Confidence

Prevent post-scan rework with tools to validate accurate capture. Intelligent Exception Processing lets you immediately identify missing information on a document, like a signature. Intelligent Quality Control automatically flags questionable information for review.

Ensure Process Integrity

Securely and reliably capture ad share information across your business. High quality imaging delivers accurate data for business applications. Share job setups across the organization to maintain standard capture, index and routing rules for compliance. Alaris Capture Pro software can be installed on local workstations, and can be used without an internet connection.

Optimized to Work Together 

The Alaris IN2 Ecosystem comes to life when our scanners and software work together, with tight technology integration. Capture Pro works seamlessly with scanners from Alaris, with intelligent features that improve customer workflows.

Separate Documents Efficiently

Reduce manual document prep time spent on pre-scan sorting with features like Intelligent Job Select - automatically switches jobs and profiles while scanning large batches, with reusable patch sheets.

Automate How You Route Information

Send information directly to ECM systems, Sharepoint, and secure FTP. Use Intelligent Barcode Reading to automatically read barcodes, extract, index and route data.


The suite of Alaris Capture Pro options is scalable and flexible to grow with your business. Find the right edition of the software for your work, from desktop to high-volume operations.


Capture Pro Software Limited Edition

  • Be productive right out of the box
  • Make your paper powerful immediately with software supplied with many scanners from Alaris
  • Easy single-batch scanning productivity; upgrading to the full Capture Pro Software version is a snap
  • 16 GUI languages; 126 OCR languages supported; native SharePoint connectivity

Alaris Capture Pro Software (full version)

  • High performer for high volume operations.
  • Convert multiple batches of paper into high-quality images quickly, with scanning speeds up to 210 pages per minute
  • Capture and index critical data and deliver it to databases, applications and people automatically
  • Send smarter information to ECM systems and Microsoft SharePoint
  • Integrate extensively to streamline workflow and processes
  • Available as a 1-year subscription in addition to existing perpetual licensing options (not available as a service on Auto Import Edition)

Capture Pro Software Network Edition

  • Capture across your world.
  • Manage multiple capture and indexing stations anywhere on your network from a central location
  • Leverage remote administration and batch monitoring
  • Utilize auto import, link workstations and more

Capture Pro Software Auto Import Edition

  • Got files? Import them.
  • Import image files from MFPs and other sources via network folders
  • Benefit from the same imaging, indexing and output capabilities you get with



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