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Cloud Business Process

Management (BPM) Platform and Workflow Automation Solution

CumulusPro Straatos is a fully cloud-based Document Processing Automation (DPA) platform and Workflow Automation Solution that integrates readily into your existing Line of Business (LOB) systems – such as Accounting Software and Document Management systems, as well as customer-facing applications such as Web Forms and our Mobile Capture App or browser based capture solutions; Scan+ProcessLite™ and Scan+Express.

As a cloud-based solution, your processes on Straatos can be ready to use in a matter of days, not months. There are also no hidden costs such as maintenance fees, user licenses, support service fees, or fees for future releases and upgrades. With Straatos, any process-aware professional can design a business process in BPMN 2.0 then execute and manage it right away – without the need for a developer.

Design Business Processes with the User-Friendly Straatos BPMN 2.0 Process Designer

With commonly-used process templates, the Process Designer allows process-aware professionals and highly-skilled IT specialists to design and execute business processes of various complexities. Drag-and-drop work steps, add routing rules with exclusive/parallel decision gateways within process flows, assign activities and documents to groups, roles and individual users, and reuse components for new processes. This way, business processes can be deployed without the long wait for programming and coding.

Execute Business Processes without Coding Knowledge

The challenge with traditional capture and BPM is that every customer has to start every business process from scratch. CumulusPro Straatos is designed to significantly increase employee productivity and efficiency in the management and processing of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents in large volumes. All admin functions, including the process designer, are accessible via standard web browsers.

Straatos’s attractive and intuitive interface means your employees, customers, vendors, and suppliers can use it without expensive training sessions. More importantly, its key differentiator from standard BPMN 2.0 designers is that any process owner, without coding knowledge, can design their own business process and run it immediately on the Straatos platform - and save templates to design future processes.

Resolve Workflow Bottlenecks in the Business Process

The Straatos Process Monitor enables supervisors and managers to track and monitor business processes and locate documents that are held up by other users or automated worksteps. They can choose to reassign these documents to different users, remove the documents or resend them to automated worksteps for processing.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Makes BPM Technology Available to Organisations of All Sizes

By selling technology on a subscription basis with the Software as a Service (SaaS) payment model, CumulusPro eliminates any large upfront software investment, license and upgrade fees – so organisations can have complete control of cost and pay only for what they use, whether their needs shrink or grow over time.

Engage with Customers and Partners

Engage your customers and partners through collaboration features that enable them to input required information such as company- or country-specific data, business registration number, document type, etc. – making your business process quicker and more efficient. For instance, CumulusPro Straatos can embed a hyperlink in an email to an external user, which allows the validation of key information on an invoice or a medical claim on a one-time basis with no extra cost.

Cost-effective Exception Handling

Exception handling is one of the key causes of increased costs and reduced productivity. This is because most systems expect you to add a new user account every time, just to handle an exception.

Straatos enhances business processes and reduces costs and manpower requirements by effectively handling exceptions. For instance, if there is missing information on an insurance claim, instead of having your employee call or email the applicant, Straatos sends an email with a hyperlink to the applicant which allows direct input of this information – without the need for a new user account.

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