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RPA Software to automatically process scanned and electronic documents from folders or email inboxes.

MetaServer is RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software that does repetitive work so that you and your employees don’t have to.

For example, MetaServer can automatically split a stack of documents in individual documents by detecting separator words on the first page, classify them per document type, extract and look up key data, send email notifications if certain conditions apply and update a business system with the resulting information.

The robot is triggered when receiving a document. A document can be an email with PDF attachments, a document scanned with an MFP (multi-functional printers / digital copiers), document scanner or smartphone.

Because PDF is the adopted standard format for business documents, MetaServer is fine-tuned to handle PDF documents.

A common use case for MetaServer is to auto-classify scanned documents or PDFs attached to emails.

Typically, organizations use their MFPs to generate PDF files with a random name generated by the machine. Next, the user finds the file, renames it and puts it in the correct folder structure. This process is OK for the occasional scan but if you have to process multiple documents, it is cumbersome and prone to error.

This is where MetaServer comes in. You just scan the documents and the robot takes over. Relevant data is extracted and looked up and used to automatically organize the documents in folders and apply a meaningful name to each file.

The MetaServer Server runs as a background service to perform a number of automatic processes such as: 

  • Import PDF / TIF / JPG / PNG files from folders and sub folders
  • Watch email inboxes and import PDF / TIF / JPG / PNG attachments
  • Separate, process and organize documents based on rules
  • Delete blank pages, auto-rotate pages based on their text and/or barcode orientation
  • Enhance image quality using Kofax VRS
  • Convert scanned PDF / TIF / JPG / PNG files to searchable PDFs
  • Auto-Detect PDF Type: Extract data accessing the text of an electronic PDF without passing through OCR or automatically use OCR if the PDF is image-only
  • Complete data by means of database lookup
  • Check validity of data using validation rules
  • Convert color scanned PDF / TIF / JPG / PNG files to black & white and scale to a lower resolution to reduce file size
  • Super Compress color images using Kofax PDF Color Compression (MRC compression = Mixed Raster Content) to reduce color documents to one-tenth of their original file size. (planned for future release)
  • Export the result (document files and metadata) to one or more destinations of choice
  • Send email notifications if certain conditions apply

The MetaServer Administration Client gives access to all functionality. This includes access to the configuration of the Workflows, server status, error management, client settings, etc.

The MetaServer Administration Client gives access to the MetaServer server status, settings and client settings

The MetaServer Operator Client hides all administrative functions to avoid accidental changes to the configuration. It can be used for validation, organizing and error management. Through the Administration Client, you can configure the operator client(s) and hide certain functions to simplify the user interface even further.

The Organizer is used to visually organize documents. You can access the Organizer through the Administration Client and the Operator Client.

For example, if you scan a large number of invoices with the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) of a multifunctional printer, they arrive as a single PDF or TIF containing multiple invoices. Based on rules, you can automatically separate documents, delete or rotate pages, etc.

With the Organizer, you can visually separate the document using virtual separator sheets. The Organizer can also be used to delete or rotate pages and change the sequence of the documents.

The Organizer as seen in the MetaServer Operator Client

MetaServer Validation: if the server is not able to extract data automatically, you can use validation to complete the data using a number of techniques such as: 

  • Select Text tool
  • Select Barcode tool
  • Database lookup
  • Manual data entry

To speed up the validation process, the extracted data is highlighted on the document. If the data is located on another page, the correct page is automatically displayed.

For example, the total amount on the document below was found on the last page in the bottom corner. By simply navigating in the Total Due field, the viewer jumps to the last page and highlights the zone where the data was found.

Validation can be configured to only display documents with invalid data. Documents with correct data will go straight through without any user interaction. You can access Validation through the Administration Client and the Operator Client.

Validation (MetaServer Operator Client)

MetaServer processes PDF, TIF or JPG files generated by any device that can scan to folder or to email. Or you can ask your customers / vendors to email documents to a dedicated email address watched by MetaServer.

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