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WeLodge – the DMS that grants value to your work

Using the document management, archiviation and sharing documents online, 
the costs associated with managing paper documents and losing information are reduced!
WeLodge provides simple and intuitive tools, our consultants constantly support customers to quickly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes.
WeLodge is a dynamic system, in constant evolution that, thanks to the experience and the work of those “who work behind the desks” in contact with their "customers", increasingly acquires added value.
In particular, it’s a product suited to the needs and expectations of users, easy to understand, learn and use,  and also allows you to perform specific work activities correctly, quickly and with satisfaction.
The core of this "solution" is a production process known as “user centered design”.

By 25 May 2018 it will be mandatory to comply with the new European regulation on the protection of personal data, the GDPR, whose goal is to regulate how companies process, store and destroy users' personal data.

How to get good GDPR management through WeLodge?

By integrating with all business applications in use, WeLodge allows you to manage with a single centralized tool, procedures, processes and information on the basis of GDPR compliance.
With Welodge we make a process-based approach feasible and therefore, as the legislation suggests, a “Privacy by design” approach: everything remains traced, measurable and demonstrable but above all it is the process itself that guides the company's activity, through the integrated workflow management system.

Why use WeLodge

User involvement

Direct and daily involvement of the end user in all phases of the production process of the new functions, from the analysis of the requirements to the final evaluation: the end user has a primary role together with the consultant, as far as it is going to be achieved. Every day our consultants collaborate with the end customer to acquire important product feedback as well as review opinions and advice on regulatory updates.

- Multidisciplinary
- Constant updating
- High configurabilità

Some features

The System provides a single integrated environment for the management and digitization of all administrative procedures, making use of all services, from archiving to document management, from Business Process Management to the affixing of the seal, through an integrated digital signature, on all the documentation produced through a single pleasant and easy to use web interface, with no need to change the application tool.

• IT protocol
• Archiving
• Document management
• Workflow Management System
• Progressive training documents
• Digital preservation
• Cloud based or stand alone



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