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Our brands

Panasonic Corporation is a world leader company in the development and manufacture of consumer and professional electronic products. Panasonic provides professional solutions in document management (scanners, multifunction printers), in the image area (Broadcast, video projection, CCTV, interactive whiteboards, medical imaging), communication (Pbx, SIP, Videoconferencing) and computers (Toughbook tablets reinforced for PC ToughPad, Cash POS). For more information on the company and the Panasonic brand, visit the company on panasonic.net

For more information visit: panasonic.com

Alaris is a leading provider of information acquisition solutions aimed at simplifying business processes. Alaris's goal is to help the world make sense of information through the use of intelligent connected solutions that leverage decades of imaging innovation. The range of scanners ranges from personal scanner to high volume production scanner. Alaris document scanning software can improve productivity and streamline workflow by reducing time and repetitive scanning (Alaris CapturePro software, Network Edition ...).

Finally, Alaris also markets a range of Sharepoint solutions that create, find, view and annotate documents in Microsoft Sharepoint with ease and speed. Visit the website:  Alaris.com
Founded in 1937, Canon has grown into a global company operating in a wide range of markets, including enterprise solutions, consumer imaging, broadcasting and communications, medical systems and industrial products.

With Kofax software, The Future is Today ™.

The Kofax intelligent automation platform helps companies transform information-intensive processes, reduce manual work and errors, minimize costs and improve customer engagement. The combination of RPA, cognitive acquisition, process coordination, mobility, involvement and analysis facilitates implementation, ensuring extraordinary results in terms of reducing compliance risk and increasing competitiveness, growth and profitability. For more information visit the website: https://www.kofax.it/

CaptureBites™ specializes in developing software for document capture. A document can be an email, attachment, picture, or image from a scanned document. The CaptureBites software processes these documents, extracts and formats the data and exports it to the chosen target system. The CaptureBites suite of products is designed to add functionality to Kofax Express and Kofax Capture software. But there are also products that can function independently such as the MetaServer.

Visit the website:https://www.capturebites.com/

CumulusPro helps companies quickly transform into digital enterprises by connecting people, processes and applications. The cloud-based business process management platform-Straatos is designed to revolutionize the way companies and public institutions communicate and collaborate digitally with their customers, citizens and partners. Digital businesses typically improve their customer experience, increase customer satisfaction, business efficiency and productivity by reducing costs and time-to-market.

ROWE (ROTH + WEBER GmbH): Lo specialista del grande formato

Specializing in wide format for more than 60 years.
Perfection demands specialization – ROWE is convinced about this. This is the reason why ROWE has been concentrating on specialization in wide format for more than 60 years. Scanners, printers, controllers, folding systems and cutting technology developed and manufactured by us. The decisive advantage for the customer is obvious: all ROWE products are absolutely compatible with each other thereby ensuring efficient mapping of business processes.

Quality. Made in Germany
ROWE is continuously investing in on site manufacturing in Germany, e.g. in automation and a digital network in accordance with the future-orientated industrial standard 4.0.

Visit the website:https://www.rowe.de/en/company.html

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