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Recreating the home office: 5 things to do to improve working efficiency remotely


Many workers, in recent months, regardless of their role and usual work routine, have been dealing with working from home.

One way, that of smart working, has already been experimented in several companies only in relation to some higher-level professionals, which has become a necessity due to the restrictive measures imposed by the health emergency.

Working from home can bring various benefits to workers, who are more free to manage their time according to goals, avoid travels to reach the workplace, and to companies, which record a significant reduction in real estate or management costs structures, as well as seeing an increase in resource efficiency.

In fact, it seems, according to what emerged from a survey conducted by Connect Solution, that 30% of the companies that participated in the survey achieved more efficient results in a shorter amount of time. The reasons lie in a decrease in distractions resulting from meeting with colleagues, unforeseen events and the time spent traveling to reach the workplace.

However, although teleworking has various potentials to increase work efficiency, it is essential to find an ideal working condition even from home that allows workers to take advantage of the advantages offered by this opportunity.

Those who decide to work from home cannot neglect the care and design of the working environment, a space in the home in which to spend most of the day.

Recreating the home office: here's how

Recreating a functional and stimulating work environment is the basis of the decision to work from home. If, in fact, it is true that remote work facilitates the elimination of some distractions and solves the main logistical problems, it is also true that the home can be a source of different distractions if the space dedicated to work is well managed.

Unlike an office, designed to improve productivity, the home environment needs some attention to recreate favorable conditions for work, such as lighting, space organization, soundproofing and suitable tools and devices. Without control of these elements, the productivity of working from home may not be sufficient.

It is undoubtedly important that the employers of companies that decide to embark on the path of smart working are concerned with providing employees who work from home with resources and tools suitable for supporting all work functions, such as in the office.

5 things to do for an efficient home office

Dedicated workspace

The first thing to recreate the home office is to have an office! That is to say a workspace dedicated to work.

Tip: if you do not have a room to dedicate to work, try to create visual boundaries with the help of shelves, dividers and similar elements. Clear your field of vision of non-work related elements that can be distracting.

Natural lighting

Exposure to a source of natural light helps to focus and increases productivity.

Tip: If you don't have the option to work near a window, try using full spectrum lamps. The balanced temperature and the crisp white light favor activities that require high visual concentration.

High Speed ​​Internet

Working with an adequate internet connection is essential. Evaluate the best solution based on the actions you usually do online. Online meetings, file transfers, attachment downloads and the use of software can all require higher performance than a home connection.

Tip: Run a speed test of your network and see if it is suitable for your job.

Organize your desk

Organizing your desk functionally is important for creating a standard workspace. Placing objects and documents so you can find them quickly when you need them helps to optimize time.

Tip: get some object holders and document holders, a blackboard on which to write reminders and to do lists could also be useful.

Document scanner

Document scanners are the most suitable tool for digitizing work from home and abandoning the use of paper. The advantages are many: less clutter, quick document sharing and streamlining of work operations.

Kodak Alaris, always attentive to changes in the needs of professionals and companies, has identified some advantages of having a document scanner in your home office.

  •  Digitizing documents reduces both the number of archives needed and the amount of time spent searching for documents. Plus, this way you can minimize the risk of data loss, since you no longer have to worry about losing key documentation.
  • Document scanners can speed up certain workflows, such as form processing. While manual data entry takes a long time and postal documents completely block the workflow, scanning and emailing documents takes only a few minutes.

How to choose the document scanner for the home office

When it comes to choosing home office document scanners, the options are nearly endless; but if you are looking for a scanner that can improve the efficiency of your home office while being efficient at the same time, both the Kodak Alaris E1025 Scanner and the Kodak Alaris S2040 Scanner are great choices.

Both options have a simplified setup that allows you to turn on the machine and start scanning in less than 10 seconds. Plus, you can configure one-button scanning for multiple different jobs, without the complicated multi-step scanning processes. Plus, if you need wireless connection, the Kodak S2060w model has all the same features, plus you can place it wherever you need it.

These scanners have many similar features, such as Perfect Page Technology, Optical Character Recognition, and the ability to securely scan passports and other fragile and small documents. However, the S2040 and S2060w models have higher daily scan capacity, built-in image processing, and active power technology for reliable power.

For personalized advice on which Document Scanner to suit your needs Contact us.


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