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Kodak i5650S
Part Number: 1396910
KODAK i5650S Scanner A3 180ppm ADF750 with Document Sorter- USB. 1 year warranty.
  • MarcaKodak
  • Modelloi5650S
  • Part Number1396910
  • SegmentoProduzione
  • FormatoA3 Colore
  • Velocità180/360 ppm/ipm
  • Modalità di acquisizioneRotativo
  • ADF750 pagine
  • Piano fissoOpzionale
  • InterfacciaUSB2
  • Volume giornalieroIllimitato
  • ImprinterPre scansione & Post scansione

The Kodak i5650S Scanner will help you be more productive by eliminating time consuming pre- and post-scanning manual paper handling. Power through batches of mixed documents faster than ever before. And do all this, and more, using your current scanning software.

  • Automated sorting during the scanning process eliminates potential errors and wasted time while boosting productivity.
  • The rear exit tray neatly collects patch sheets for re-use, saving you money on printing.
  • Two front access trays provide both a large pocket for non-sorted documents and an easy access front exception pocket for checks or special documents.
  • High volume throughput provides the processing speed, smooth paper flow, and document handling versatility you need.
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