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Canon DR-G1130
Part Number: 8073B026AA
High-speed, double-sided A3 production scanner. Speed:130 ppm/260 ipm in A4 Daily Scanning Volume: 30.000 ADF: 500
Optional software
Kodak Capture Pro Group E; Kofax Express (Mid Volume Production); Kofax VRS (Production)
  • MarcaCanon
  • ModelloDR-G1130
  • Part Number8073B026AA
  • SegmentoProduzione
  • FormatoA3 Colore
  • Velocità130/260 ppm/ipm
  • Modalità di acquisizioneRotativo
  • ADF500 pagine
  • Piano fissoOpzionale
  • InterfacciaUSB2
  • Volume giornaliero30.000 pagine
  • ImprinterPost scansione

imageFORMULA DR-G1130

High-speed, high-quality A3 production scanner for dedicated scanning applications and mission-critical jobs. Perfect for centralised or remote offices and specialist scanning bureaus.


  • High-speed colour scanning up to 200ipm
  • 500-sheet automatic document feeder
  • Reliable feeder for handling various document types
  • Front-feeding and U-turn path for convenient operation
  • Robust design for heavier workloads
  • High-quality image processing

More productive, high-speed scanning

Work more productively with the high-speed DR-G1130 production scanner. It can scan up to 130ppm/260ipm in black-and-white and greyscale.
A dedicated chip helps it achieve full rated speeds even when multiple image processing functions are selected. With a 500-sheet document feeder, larger batches can be scanned to save valuable time.

Enhanced document handling

A series of advanced paper handling features improves scanning efficiency and ensures better results, no matter the mix of document types. A flat paper feeding path ensures smoother scanning and avoids damage, especially to thin paper while three paper feeding modes provide options for reliable handling of various document types. With staple detection sensors the DR-G1130 prevents damage to documents, while the ultrasonic double feed detection sensor alerts users in the rare event of a double feed.

Designed with operators in mind

The front-feed design of the DR-G1130 provides both comfort and convenience allowing you to feed and remove documents, effortlessly, while seated. The control panel and job buttons are also designed to be easily viewable at eye-level.

Built for heavier workloads

Despite its compact size, the DR-G1130 is robustly built to handle the tough daily workflows of modern businesses, with a suggested daily duty cycle of up to 30,000 scans a day. It is a perfect solution for different business sectors, including central corporate offices and scanning bureaus.

High-quality image processing

For superb quality results every time, the DR-G1130 comes with an array of intelligent image processing features. An advanced deskew method enables the scanner to not only detect and straighten documents that are fed at an angle, but also do a second check based on skewed text on scanned images. Folio Mode allows you to scan media up to size A1. The MultiStream feature creates dual image outputs, such as black-and-white for OCR applications and colour for archiving, while the Character Emphasis feature improves legibility for better OCR recognition.

Versatile options and software

For scanning bound materials easily, connect the DR-G1130 to Canon’s Optional A3 Flatbed 201 or A4 Flatbed 101 scanner. Other options are a post-imprinter and patch code decoder. Canon’s CapturePerfect software is included for easy-to-use batch scanning with connectivity to SharePoint.

Ink Cartridge Blue for Imprinter. Compatibilità: DR 6050 / 9050C / 7550 / CR50 / DRX10 / DRG1100 Serie
Exchange roller kit for DR-G1 series
Ink Cartridge Red for Imprinter Compatibilità: DR 6050 / 9050C / 7550 / CR50 / DRX10 / DRG1100 Serie / DR-G2090 / DR-G2110 / DR-G2140
Exchange roller kit for DR-G1 series
Separation Pad for DR-G1 series
Piano di Scansione opzionale formato A4
Piano di Scansione opzionale formato A3
Scan and Print Server Silex DS-510. Stampanti, scanner, hard disk, Dongle e Card Readers possono essere utilizzati in rete grazie alle 2 porte USB ad alta velocità presenti sullo scanserver. DS-510 è compatibile con tutti gli scanner Canon DIMS della serie P e DR. DS-510 è in grado di controllare anche gli eventuali piani di scansione A4 (Flatbed 101) e/0 A3 (Flatbed 201) se collegati a uno dei seguenti scanner: DR-C130, DR-M140 e DR-6030C.
Barcode Module
2D Code Module
Patch Code Decoder for DR-G1 series
Imprinter 6050/7550/9050C/G1100
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